The Role of Art and Diversity in Toronto

A city can set itself apart from others thanks to a variety of reasons. It could be something like their landmarks, the people who call it home, their sports team, or even their musical contribution can help define their style. Toronto is a unique and vibrant city, one that takes the many influences from its eclectic neighbourhoods to play a role in its daily life. Part of its uniqueness comes from its longstanding support of art and cultural diversity in the city.

Toronto is one of the (if not THE) most multi-cultural and diverse cities in the world. Many people have traveled to the city to share their culture, their heritage, and create their own beginnings to call this place their home. The city has thrived throughout the years with every new face and culture joining together for the success of the city–it simply isn’t one place with one history; Toronto’s vibe is a collection of everything and everyone that makes it truly unique.

You can feel the influence of diversity throughout Toronto. Simply riding your bike around the city can open your world to discovering new places and learning about a culture you didn’t know about before. From walking through Chinatown on a busy afternoon to basking in the delicious aroma of Greektown on the Danforth, the city is alive with energy and a pride you can’t help but love. It can even be felt in the performances of musicians on stage!

Toronto has a way of celebrating its diversity. Several points throughout the year have become landmarks highlighting cultures, ethnicities and orientations of the great people of The Six. It’s the perfect way to teach citizens more about them and recognize different members of the community. This can also be felt in the organizations, educational programs and communities who make up the fabric of Toronto.

A similar role also applies to Toronto’s art scene. Art is expressive and a creative outlet for people to share their inner feelings–Toronto is its canvas. From classes to galleries to walls down an alleyway, the city has embraced the rush of artistic creativity to express the beauty of the city. And it can be seen in different ways! 

The art pieces along Graffiti Alley, performances in Trinity Bellwoods Park, and even the statues in the Distillery District are just some ways artists have shared their passion and transformed the streets of Toronto. Another method artists (from painting to performance) have added to the city’s culture is through the Art Spin summer bike tours. During each tour, a group of selected artists perform and create pieces throughout the city for art lovers to explore in new locales.

Wherever you travel throughout the city, art and diversity can be felt. It has played a role in the growth of the city! From celebrating it to experiencing it firsthand, it makes Toronto truly unique, and a place that highlights the differences (and creativity) of its community.

Written By: Justin Carreiro
Photo by: Andrew Williamson