Peter Mettler & John Oswald



confluence: inner pierces outer spaces


Sep 18 07:00 PM


Cinesphere presented by Air France


Film & Video

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Project Description:
In John Oswald and Peter Mettler’s improvised live performance these two artists draw spontaneously from a large database of collected and self-produced movie and sound clips. Mixing, editing and layering them, the artists build a one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience whose references include cosmic recordings, autonomous spacecrafts, and time-travelling telescopes.

Peter Mettler is known for his diversity of cinematic adventures and collaborations including his films such as The End of Time, Petropolis, Gambling Gods and LSD, Picture of Light or Manufactured Landscapes. He has pioneered recent forms of live moving-image manipulation with deep participation in the development of the software tool MIXXA with Touch Designer’s Greg Hermanovic. His films have been honored with prizes and retrospectives internationally and his live image mixes have included performances with The Toronto Symphony, Fred Frith, Biosphere and most recently, Franz Treichler of The Young Gods paired with anthropologist Jeremy Narby.

John Oswald is a Governor General Award Media Arts Laureate, Ars Electronica Digital Musics and Untitled Arts Award winner, as well as the fourth inductee into the CBC Alternative Walk of Fame, John Oswald has also been nominated to third place in a list of the most internationally influential Canadian musicians, tied with Celine Dion. His multifaceted sonic clock, A Time To Hear For Here, is a permanent environment at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. He continues to develop stillnessence, a large-scale chronophotic light fresco. In recent years the Ensemble Modern Frankfurt premiered his b9, a condensation of all nine Beethoven symphonies; with the bnotions technologists Watchbook, an e-reader app was launched; he toured the former superpowers America and Russia with the Bill T Jones & Arnie Zane Dance Company, and opened a bar in Toronto, Art and Drinks, which specialized in time-based images, conversations, and sounds, plus beverages. He also continues to regularly improvise music and dance. He is currently a non-academic Fellow at the Marshall McLuhan Institute in Toronto. In 2016 he’ll be in residence in California, and Umbria, presenting a concert in total darkness as part of 21C at Koerner Hall, and, with Scott Thomson, filling Parc Fontaine in Montreal with performance.