Rob King



Trillium Icosaflorum


Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Rob King’s Trillium Icosaflorum explores the symbolic presence of Ontario Place’s Cinesphere. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s Biosphere design at Montreal’s Expo 67, the Cinesphere is often mistaken for a geodesic dome (in fact, it is a triodectic dome, a related but different structure). King’s outdoor sculpture examines the techno-utopianism and mathematical purity the geodesic dome has come to signify, using interlocking angular forms to build a sculpture inspired by the Cinesphere’s unique form and geometrical playfulness. A compelling monumental form marked by elegant symmetry,Trillium Icosaflorum questions the origins of commonly-accepted ideas about beauty, exactitude, innovation and futurism.

Rob King is an Toronto based New Media artist and creative technologist. He is the founder of XZZ Creative Technologies (, and his work has been shown worldwide in such diverse sites as Sao Paulo, MOMA New York, Belfast, Budapest, Weimar and Montreal. Rob has been producing art and technology since 2004. His work has ranged from acrylic laser sharks to bluetooth enabled diaper sensors. In 2011 Rob's work Tentacles (a collaboration with Geoffrey Shea and Michael Longford) was shown as part of the Talk To Me show curated by Paola Antonelli at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In 2009-10 Rob was selected as the as the COMEDIA artist in residence at the Sonic Arts Research Center at Queen's University in Belfast. In this position he developed a series of live performance visuals for improvised network music performance. In 2008 he created the Apiograph project, a visualization of the pollination activities of a nest of bumble bees installed in the *new* gallery in Toronto. Rob is the founder of Art+Code / XZZ, a company that develops provides creative coding services for commercial clients as well as artists and arts organizations. Some of his clients have included Lego, Nike, Scotiabank, Nissan, and We Day.