Peter Mettler & Tom Kuo



The Garden


Sep 15 - 25




Project Description:
The Garden is the first collaborative step in an exploration of outdoor audio/visual projections in an environment of lush vegetation for musician and installation artist, Tom Kuo and filmmaker, live image-mixing performer, Peter Mettler.
Installation Assistance by Kevin Yung.

This project is only fully visible at sundown.

Mettler is known for his diversity of cinematic adventures and collaborations including his films such as The End of Time, Petropolis, Gambling Gods and LSD or Manufactured Landscapes. He has pioneered recent forms of live moving image manipulation with deep participation in the development of the software tool MIXXA with Touch Designer Greg Hermanovic.

Tom Kuo heads up the award-winning Foundation Creative Studio, specializing in creation of magical, meaningful experiences through physical, virtual and mixed media designs integrated into art, performance and commercial installations.