John Dickson



Wind Flowers


Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Dotting a section of the West Island’s shore line like some bizarre species of plant, John Dickson’s Wind Flowers are activated by Lake Ontario’s Winds. Made from repurposed cymbals, Wind Flowers respond to the power of the breeze, ranging in intensity from gentle buzzing to dissonant clanging. Seemingly neither plant nor fully machine, Wind Flowers suggest the technology of an unknown future society, or hint at the revitalization of our own society’s junk in a post-industrial era. Preoccupied with human attitudes about the environment and the desire to seek control and domination, Dickson often crafts works whose outcomes are complex and unpredictable, giving a sense that his creations live their own life-cycles beyond his initial intentions.

Biography: John Dickson is a Toronto-based artist whose mixed-media sculptures and installations explore humanity's tenuous relationship with the natural world. Early works investigated water as a sculptural medium, developing themes with underlying environmental concerns. His interest in working with water led naturally to out-door projects, and to exhibiting in non-gallery situations, with artist collectives such as NetherMind and Persona Volare and with organizations like the Tree Museum and Art Spin. A recently completed body of work used models, motors, and live-feed video to re-construct and explore our mediated view of the world. Past projects include Frontier, a public commission for the West Toronto Railpath, Music Box for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and COLD WAR at the AGO’s Young Gallery. He has shown internationally in the USA, France, the Czech Republic and Denmark, and is represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.

The artist wishes to acknowledge the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council for this project.